Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Character Interview: Lareina

Good Friday morning, everyone!

Today, we have Lareina from Unbreakable Hostage as our guest! :)

Welcome, Lareina.

Thank you very much for having me.

Lareina, let's just jump right into it. You went through an incredible ordeal. Did you ever imagine that your story would become a book?

No, not at all. It is not one of those you think about. You just think about survival. How can I get out of here? Books are the last thing on your mind.

You are clearly a woman who likes to take care of herself, look good, etc. Is that a fair statement? If so, why is that so important to you?

It is a fair statement, yes. My parents sacrificed so much for my brother and I to have a good life here in America. I don't look at it as vanity. I do so to take good care of myself and to show my parents how much I appreciate all that we now have.

That's an honest answer. You've also said the same about your work and schooling. How has all of this affected your career goals?

It just slowed me down. It did not stop me. A person like Tony does not deserve to have the power to stop me from achieving what I want.

One thing that is incredibly amazing is your quick thinking. You're an extremely intelligent woman. You never panicked or lost your wits. Instead, you figured out ways to give Sandy and your family the right information. You used every resource you had available to you. Many people don't do that. They panic or they forget. How were you able to stay so sharp?

Again, it was just survival. I did what I needed to do. I did panic. There were plenty of times I was frightened or couldn't think straight. I just fought the only way I knew how.

Speaking of fighting, despite your small stature, you gave Tony a run for his money! You fought back with great physicality. Had you ever taken self-defense classes or anything?

No. I just did whatever came to mind. I wanted to get away from him, so I fought with all my heart.

What was the hardest or scariest moment for you?

Besides the music? The river...When we were on foot and close to being found and Tony...That was the worst.

How do you feel being back in LA?

Good. It's home. I'm safe. I feel good to be surrounded by all that is familiar.

Well, I know this is a very difficult and emotional interview. This is the least question. Is there something that you would like people to know about you?

I am just a regular person. I am no different from you.

Thus spoke the strong, resilient, bi-lingual woman with a Ph.D. in algebra. Thank you so very much, Lareina!

Happy weekend reading everyone! :)

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