Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Page 69 Trial Part II!

Good morning, world!

Over the weekend, I recieved my print copies of Unbreakable Hostage. YAY!!!! :) So, that got me thinking. I want to re-visit the page 69 trial for both Unbreakable Hostage AND Loving Her. Except, I am going to do both the e-book versions AND the print versions! I hope you enjoy them. :)

Loving Her

E-book (there was a slight glitch on this, but I kinda sorta got it to work! LOL):

“Hey Johnny,” Donna said softly. “I’m glad to see you’re awake. What’s the news?”

“Well,” he struggled for his words, “ya know how we always said we were like twins?”

“Yeah?” Donna said in utter confusion.

“Now, we really will be. Gotta lose my kidney.”

“Oh dammit, John!”

“No, no, it’s ok,” he tried to reassure her. “The doctors are convinced that my other kidney is in perfect shape. I should be fine. You should know about that.”

“Yeah, but John…”

“They’re removing it tomorrow, Don. It’ll be a long healing, but they gave me a great prognosis.”

“I called Brynn today,” Donna said trying to avoid the subject. She was too scared and upset to think any more about John going into surgery. “We found a lead, and it may tie us to Doylestown. Brynn’s gonna help us catch this bastard.”

“I’ll tell you what,” John’s voice was growing weak. “I’ll focus on getting through this, and you focus on getting him in jail.”


"Well, Miss O'Kane," one of the stuffy judges started. "Your resume is extremely impressive. You've danced with some of the finest companies in the country. But, why such a break between your last company and now?"

"My partner was diagnosed with MS so I took some time off to be with her. I just felt that I needed to be there with her through various tests and treatments and all. Things are more stable now, so I'm ready to dance again." Liz's Southern accent seemed out of sorts with the Board Directors of the Pennsylvania Ballet.

"There is also some concern about your age and the length of that gap," he stated coldly.

"I understand," Liz replied. She knew her age could be a problem, and she had prepared this mini-speech just for this moment. "Thirty-three can be kind of a tricky age for us dancers, especially when we haven't danced in a while. Some people view their thirties as the time when they lose their youth and vitality. But, I have been practicing and attending class daily even during this 'break.'
"I look at people like George Balanchine. One of the most incredible dancers and choreographers ever. Someone whose work this company follows. That man danced for so many years. He danced well beyond his 33rd birthday. He even kept dancing while having heart issuea and his other medical problems. Martha Graham danced for over 70 years. Trust me, if they can do that, I know I can dance at 33 and beyond."

Unbreakable Hostage


Lareina tried to appease Tony, but she seemed to be failing miserably.

“Harder! Scrub them harder, damn it! Get these fucking clothes clean!”

Lareina hand washed and scrubbed the clothes with what little energy she had, but it was not enough for Tony. He came up from behind her, grabbed the clothes out of her hands, and threw them onto the river bank.

Tony then grabbed her hair and shoved her face under the bitterly cold water.

Lareina began to struggle. Tony held her face down longer, and with greater force. Lareina was running out of air. Just as she began to fear that she was going to drown, Tony pulled her head up with great strength. Lareina gasped for breath, and Tony shoved her face back down into the cold abyss.

Again, she struggled. She moved and tried to loosen Tony's grip on her hair, but it was to no avail. She began to run out of air again. Once more, Tony pulled her head up just in time.

Lareina took in the biggest breath she could as her face was forced into the cold water yet again. This time, she did not struggle in the hopes that it would have her air supply last longer. The cold water harshly pierced her face as she tried to hold her breath for as long as possible. Finally, after a cold eternity Tony pulled her up again. Lareina fought to breathe normally again. Tony pulled back on her hair, and Lareina stumbled backwards in the water. It took her a few moments, but she finally regained her stability.

“Now you see what I'm truly capable of. Don't you dare ever make me do this again! I don’t want to, but I'm not afraid to do whatever I have to.” His hot breath fell on her ear. “I don't think you really understand what's going on here. You will do as I say, or I will kill you. There are no two ways about it. Get it?"


The two stood staring at each other, with only a few feet between them.

"Wanna play?" Tony's voice sounded like pure evil.

He lunged forward but Lareina was able to jump back, unscathed.

She watched warily as Tony moved around the room. She leaned forward as he started coming at her from her left side. She quickly ran to the right, grabbed his fat arm from behind and pulled it up behind his back. Tony screamed out in pain.

Lareina pulled his arm up again with all of her might, in order to inflict more pain. He screamed again. Lareina knew she had him in a good position, but she couldn't figure out how to completely incapacitate him so she could protect herself.

Still holding his arm up behind his back, Lareina kicked Tony in the back. Once again, he screamed out in pain. She felt him buckle in her hand.

Thinking that he was weak enough, she tried to pull his arm up one last time, but her hand slipped and he was suddenly free.

Tony quickly turned around. He grabbed Lareina's thin arm and spun her around so her back was pressed against his portly abdomen. Before she even realized what had happened, he had the knife presased strongly against her neck.

"You won't win this one, honey," Tony scorned her. He pressed the knife against her jugular even harder. "Don't do this again, or I will kill you." He pushed her forward, and Lareina fell onto the floor on her hands and knees. She could feel her hands and knees were cut up and splintered from the floor. She dare not look at her wounds. She simply stayed there until Tony returned with the electrical tape.

Tony pulled her up by her elbow. Quickly, he wrapped the tape around her arms several times. He then repeated the pattern for her ankles.

I hope you liked 'em! Happy Wednesday & happy reading, everyone! :)

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