Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Morning News, NOT Blues!

Good morning, good morning! Yes, I am singing in my blog. Strange? Perhaps. But this rather low-key, bordering on comatose 'Rican had an incredible weekend and I am actually PERKY! LOL.

So, here's what we got for the news today:

1) It's read an e-book week! That's right, y'all! Read an e-book week! And to celebrate, my phenomenal publisher has some great deals on Smashwords on MANY of the great VHP titles. We LOVE Smashwords. They've been great to us. They support the authors - they don't promote piracy. It's fantabulous! :)

“We’re pleased to sponsor Read an E-Book Week for the second year,” said Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. “Working in collaboration with Read an E-Book Week and other participating retailers and publishers, the initiative will introduce tens of thousands of new readers and authors to the joys of ebooks.”

So, because it's read an e-book week, VHP has a GREAT special - 25% off our already and reguarly low prices during Read an E-book Week! :) How freakin' great is that?!

Wanna read Loving Her and Unbreakable Hostage without breaking the bank? Here's your chance! Hurry, because this is for a very limited time!

When you purchase Loving Her and Unbreakable Hostage, put in the code below to get your discount:


Happy reading!! :)

Moving on...

2) Yours truly made the top 10 in a little competition for the Turnaround Media Review. I have won 12 months of FREE advertising to book stores, libraries, and the like. So keep your eyeballs peeled for ads for Unbreakable Hostage! ;)

3) Imperfect will be coming out in July! Woo hoo! I am SO excited! My publisher gave me some GREAT news to go along with it, but I am currently not at liberty to divulge such greatness! I will, however, display the cover art because I'm nerdy fabulous like that! ;) There is also a new fan page for Imperfect, too. You'll wanna check that baby out as well! :)

Last, and certainly NOT least of all, I will be in Suffern, NY on Saturday, April 24th at 2 pm at Raider Book Store!

Come meet me! Get your copies of Loving Her and Unbreakable Hostage autographed by yours truly! Hear a midget Puerto Rican woman read to you! It's like nothing you've ever experienced before! ;)

So there is much joy in the air today! I'm happy, and I hope you're happy too. Happy reading and happy Monday to you all! :)

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Chelle Cordero said...

Imperfect is such a great cover - it's amazing!

Looking forward to seeing you IN PERSON on the 24th of April, Woo-Hoo!