Monday, March 15, 2010

Ask the Author

Good morning, y'all! Have you recovered from daylight savings time? Between that and a child who just could not fall asleep, I am pretty wiped this morning! LOL.

Today is Ask the Author day. There was only one question for today. That's cool.

I do want you all to feel free to ask me anything, alright? I don't bite AND I don't have rabies! LOL.

Please don't be bashful! ;)

Without further ado, here is today's question:

Your writing tends to be very dark, serious and even political. Is your writing a good reflection of who you are in real life?

That's a DAMN good question! Ironically, the answer is no. I am anything but dark and serious. I am a clown. I love to laugh and to make people laugh. Between silly facial expressions or being as quick witted as I can be, I'm all about fun. I can absolutely be serious when need be. I do have a dark side, and I think it's safe to say that I am quite passionate about certain political issues. However, if you know me, you know that the majority of the time, I am a dork! :)

I even have a picture to prove it! ;)

Thanks for the question, and again, please don't hesitate to send in more questions, guys! :)

Thanks so much! Happy Monday and happy reading! :)

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Sun Singer said...

That's your resume photo, right?