Thursday, March 25, 2010

The God Complex

Good morning, world!

I got some writing done yesterday on the sequel to Imperfect and I'd really like to write some more today, if I can.

What I wrote were some of the most important parts to the story. It brought me SO much peace to have written those sections.

I openly admit that my writing can make me quite emotional. If I write a scene where there's an argument, I get angry. If I write a sad or depressing part, I'll become quite melancholy. I don't want to give away what I wrote, but I just felt so peaceful (still do).

I've spoken with other writers about this. I don't know if we writers have a "God-complex," but there is something quite God-like in creating people and events. We determine what they do; what they say; whether or not they die. They are our puppets and we can pull on their strings any way we so choose.

As a writer (and especially in the case of Imperfect & this sequel, Impeccable), I don't get a thrill feeling as though I am controlling someone. I don't feel as though I have some incredible power or anything like that.

A DEAR friend & fellow VHP writer likened our characters and stories to our children. THAT is an anology I can agree with. Carol (the main character in Imperfect and Impeccable) may not have grown in my womb, per say. But she grew in my mind. When you read the books, you'll understand that I have known her for her entire life. I know every day of her existance. I know her feelings, her reactions. Technically, we don't share DNA, but I still created her. And now I have sent her out into the world for all of you to know her as well.

Do writers have a God complex? I think some might. Just as you can't categorize all women, or all people of a certain race, you cannot categorize all writers. We are remarkably different. We all have our own voice. We all have our own style. We all have our own motives.

Personally, there is no God complex here. I am just a woman raising her children. :)

Happy reading! :)

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