Thursday, August 1, 2013

Joyful Writing

It is Thursday yet again!

Today, I want to talk about the joy of writing.

For anyone who knows me personally knows that I am very fully, silly person. I love to joke around and make people laugh.

What's interesting is that as a child, I was very serious and intense. Laughter was hard for me.

I'm glad I've lightened up as I've gotten older. But I do still remain rather serious when it comes to my writing. At times, it has been more like a chore than a joy. I did it out of obligation rather than out of my passion. I enjoyed my finished products, but the joy of the process had been lost.

As you know, I am rewriting the stories in Loving Her. In doing so, I see how I have changed. I see how my writing style has changed and improved. I see how I - and my characters - have evolved. More importantly, I see how the joy has come back.

I am getting lost in these women and their stories. I am writing feverously. I look forward to writing. I am enjoying the process again.

I feel as though I have woken up. I feel so much observant of thing. I just feel content.

This personal reinvention is not just about my name. It is exactly that: a real personal reinvention. My books are the positive product and you, the readers, reap the rewards of it all.

I am looking forward to all of the writing yet to be done, and for your enjoyment of these new and improved stories.

Happy reading! ;)

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