Friday, August 23, 2013

Finally!!! My BIG Announcement!

Happy Friday morning, gang!

You've survived it. The day has FINALLY come! You waited for my big announcement and now is the time!

First, I'd like to thank the academy... ;) I'm just teasing.

Without further ado, here it is:

I have redone ALL of the stories in Loving Her. Instead of one small book, each character now has her own novella. There is still the intertwining and overlapping of stories. However each woman, each book, can also stand on her/its own.

It is AMAZING to see how these women have grown. I am so happy and excited with these stories, and I think you will be as well. You will get to know these women so much more intimately. You will see where they came from. You will experience the events that shaped them into the women they are. There is depth, emotion. I hate to sound cliché, but you will laugh and cry with these women. You will see how they impact and affect each other's lives.

My publisher, Vanilla Heart Publishing has been so amazingly supportive. They accepted Loving Her in its original format. They have allowed me to grow and improve tremendously as a writer. And now, they have given me the opportunity to redesign these stories and to create a series out of them. They gave me my foundation and they gave me my wings. This series is a testament to the caliber of work they produce and the nurturing environment they give to their writers so that we may grow, improve and succeed. Truly, this release is a win-win for VHP, myself and you the readers! This series is for all of us!

I have dedicated this series to the memory of my grandfather. He was (and still is) the most important person in my life. He has always been the biggest supporter of my writing. To thank him, and to celebrate his birthday (Aug. 23, 1919), I am releasing the first of these stories. I am giving you a gift on his birthday.

Welcome to a beautiful new tapestry of love and life! We are beginning this new journey with Liz: a 5'10" redheaded pickup truck driving lesbian ballerina. Though she sounds more mystical than the Loch Ness Monster, she is real. She is a real woman with an amazing story to share. A story that will truly touch your heart.

Happy birthday to my beloved grandfather, and happy reading to you!

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