Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Birthdays

Happy Thursday morning, fellow word-lovers. Today, I am making a confession.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I say that with tremendous trepidation. Why? Birthdays have not always been my best days, shall we say. ;)

This year is a little different. There are some "bad" things going on, but not nearly to the level I'm used to. LOL. Tomorrow actually brings about a ton of change for me in my personal life. So, good bad or indifferent, I'm facing CHANGE as I get older.

But one positive thing that I have for my birthday is Impeccable.

Yes, I know. I blogged about Impeccable last week. Today, I want to talk about why Impeccable is such an incredible birthday gift.

Just as its predecessor, Impeccable was written during an extremely dark time in my life. As I wrote a story that brought about Carol's healing, I was healed. Her resolution became my own resolution. Writing that story was a gift I gave myself.

Then, it came time to wait. Wait for the contract. Wait for the editing. Wait for the release date. Wait.

In case you haven't figured this out about me yet: I am a rather impatient person. Waiting and I don't mix. LOL.

But I did because I had to.

I had NO idea that this book which is so near and dear to my heart would be released so closely to my birthday. Did my publisher plan it that way? She is good, so it is a possibility. It could have also just been plain old serendipity. I'm not sure. Either way, it's simply incredible.

So here I am, facing another year and a lot of change, and I have the greatest gift of all: my book. My book which I loved writing every word. My book which challenged me and helped me to grow as a writer...and as a person. My book which brought me such incredible solace. My book.

I love it. I am so excited to have both Imperfect and Impeccable out now and to have them both for my birthday. It was the greatest gift my publisher ever could have given me. And now, it is my turn to pass that gift on to you. If you are looking for a gift, if you are looking for solace, if you are looking to understand Carol's life, now is your chance. Download your e-book copy of Impeccable today! It is the best birthday present you could give me or yourself!

Happy reading!

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