Thursday, September 22, 2011


The day I have been waiting for (for my entire life) finally arrived last weekend.

No, I'm not pregnant.

No, I'm not married...yet. ;)

Impeccable was released over the weekend!

I have been squealing with excitement like a piglet! It's just freaking awesome!

Impeccable is out in e-book formats right now, and always the good author that I am, I have the buy link on the the home page of

What is so special about Impeccable?

What isn't?

Seriously, Impeccable is the sequel to Imperfect that no one saw coming. It's ironic, because I thought it was at least pretty clear that the story wasn't done with Imperfect, and yet so many readers were floored that there was a sequel! LOL. There is and you can now read it (and get the FULL story)!

Imperfect and Impeccable were both written during dark times in my life. What's interesting is that they were very therapeutic for me. As much as I wanted to touch my readers, writing these two books touched me. That I could be impacted by these books astounds me. Not to sound egotistical, quite the contrary. I have never thought myself an incredible writer, so to be surprised not only by the story but by how it impacted me surprised me! Maybe I'm a bit better than I thought! LOL.

Both Imperfect and Impeccable surprised me in a lot of ways. Without giving it all away, those notes were not originally supposed to be tied to the person they were tied to. Things happened in Imperfect and I never quite knew why. As I wrote Impeccable, it all just fell into place. I did NOT plan it that way. It just happened. Lastly, I knew the basic end to Impeccable but how I actually close the book is as much a surprise to me as I think it would be to anyone else. I love that as a writer, I just go with the story and end up just as surprised as my readers! Life is not planned out to a "t," why should a story? The journey is a part of what makes a book great!

That being said, the journey in both Imperfect and Impeccable is emotional; it is trying; it is triumphant; it is cerebral; it is spritiual; it is fun; it is somber. It is incredible. If you are looking for a story that will truly touch you, look no further, my friend. There is a reason why I say this set will touch your heart and change your mind.

So, go download your copy of Impeccable today! I PROMISE you, you will not be disappointed!

Happy reading!

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Chelle Cordero said...

Congrats on the book's release! Great story!