Thursday, October 6, 2011

Impeccable Page 69 Trial

Happy Thursday, readers! Today, as with every release, I put my book to "The 69 Trial."

The PAGE 69 trial, that is ;)

Below is page 69 from Impeccable. Enjoy!

“I take it you don’t like that,” Dr. Parker said without any hint of emotion.

“The Elysian Fields, their version of heaven, sounds nice. But I’d hate to be permanently hungry and thirsty and to have what I want or need right in front of me but out of reach.”

“That makes sense,” he responded emotionlessly.

“In ancient Rome, life was considered a punishment and death was freedom.”

“What do you make of that, Carol?”

“I can easily agree that life is hell. I hope that death does bring freedom. I’m so sick of the darkness, pain and misery in life. I just want to be free of it all.”

“What about modern religions?”

“Well, any form of Christianity would send me straight to hell simply because I loved another woman. I don’t get it. Love is love, no matter who the person is, right? Apparently, some faiths believe we can turn off our emotions and ignore our hearts.”

“I wouldn’t say that, Carol.”

“Why not? Are you one of them? Do you want to condemn me to hell simply because the person I loved was a woman? What about love thy neighbor and all that bullshit?”

“I wasn’t saying that, Carol.” He gently replied. “I understand. Let’s face it, the gay community faces a lot of obstacles because people react out of fear. A lot of those fearful people use their religions to defend their actions and words. I don’t think they are actually against love. It might be that they are afraid or possibly even envious of a love that can endure such social scorn.

“Straight white Christians are basically well accepted in our American society. It’s easy for them to forget what hardships other races and groups of people have endured because it was never their problem. Perhaps people who are different from them, people who can remain stoic in the face of social adversity remind them that there is more to life than whatever is in their sphere of knowledge. Perhaps they’re jealous because they know they couldn’t do what you do. Maybe they’re not strong enough to stand up for themselves in the same way you and Alex did, for example.” He paused to watch Carol. “What do you think? Think it’s possible?”

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