Thursday, July 11, 2013

Washing the Dishes

Hey gang! It's Thursday, so you know what that means.

It's blog time!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Do you watch TV? More importantly, do you ever watch the commercials? Yes? Good!

Let's be honest, most of the commercials on TV today are ridiculously over dramatized. The slightest problem (opening a jar, blow drying your hair - you name it) suddenly becomes a huge fiasco. But for $19.95, they have the remedy. There is even a man who says there is nothing worse than having to wait in line at the post office. Really? So, you'd rather have cancer than wait in line at the post office? Thankfully, sir, they have a remedy for your worst nightmare.

Another one that gets me are the dish detergent commercials. Are you serious? Who washes their dishes like Vanna White?!

On a good day, I'm just rinsing off the debris and putting them into the dishwasher. On a bad day, I actually use a bit of elbow grease. Like a normal person!

Why the tirade, you ask. Simple. It's not real. For as much as I have been talking about the freedom of fiction, there is something to be said for being realistic.

When I write my stories, I want my characters to be real; to be people you can relate to. If I write about someone who unrealistically handles even the most mundane of activities, I am going to lose you as a reader. You will lose interest in the characters, the story, the book. I want to write stories that you want to read! I want to tell you stories that grip you, that you can relate to, that touch you. To me, it would be pointless to tell a story that is just beyond belief.

Now, I'm not talking about fantasy or sci fi or anything like that. I give TREMENDOUS credit to authors who write those stories. Their imaginations are amazing and their stories are wonderful. I am talking about contemporary fiction, contemporary romance novels, etc. The stories that are in the here and now.

Call me crazy, but I live in a world where I work up a sweat vacuuming; I actually scrub when washing the dishes; and I actually have to do laundry. I live in reality and I'm assuming you do as well. Hence the reason for my REAL stories.

I hope you can relate to them and that you enjoy the realistic settings for my stories.

Happy reading, guys! :)

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