Monday, December 27, 2010

The Power of a Blank Page

It seems wherever I've been going in the literary world lately, I've heard how intimidating a blank page is. Really? I keep hearing this, so it must be a universal phenomena, yet it is not anything I experience. What is wrong with me?

I LOVE blank pages! There is limitless potential there. Dear God, I could stare at a blank page for hours. Not out of fear, but out of wonder! Will it be a romance? A thriller? Dark and mysterious or light and sweet? Who will be born? What will people look like? Where will this story take me?

One of my favorite gifts during childhood was a blank journal-type book. I had so many over the years. I still wouldn't turn one down! ;)

Blank pages are as exciting as they come. That page represents all the potential in the world. How can I be afraid of that? It's exciting to see what I will be able to paint with my words. That is fun, at least to me. :)

Blank pages are extremely powerful. They hold the key to our next world. They are what our imaginations should be: infinite!

So the next time you're staring at a blank page, don't be intimidated. Be inspired!

Happy reading and writing, y'all!

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Sun Singer said...

I feel the same way about blank pages (or screens). Nice post, Lauren.