Thursday, February 25, 2016

Loving Her Valentines: Maria and Stephania

Happy February, gang!

For this month, what I am doing is going to be discussing romances from the Loving Her series on my usual Thursday posts, and then treating you to a romantic excerpt from the story.

Who doesn't love love?

This week's couple is Maria and Stephania!

This is a rather unusual pair. If not for Stephania's persistence, they never would have gotten together.

They met at Linda's Super Bowl party, as Steph was friends with Linda, and Maria knew Liz and Jen, who invited her along with them.

Stephania was immediately taken with Maria. She was a writer. She was older. She was calm, serene, and wise. She was everything Stephania wasn't, and everything she needed. During the party Stephania hounded Maria. In order to gain some peace, Maria finally acquiesced, and they set up their first date.

Maria felt that she would just be playing along. She went out on the date because she had given Steph her word, but she didn't see anything coming of it. After a brief monologue by Stephania at the beginning of the first date, Maria's mind had changed. There was more to this young woman than she had given her credit for. Thus, the relationship blossomed.

There was one problem, though. Maria's first wife: Addy. Addy had passed away some years before, but Maria hadn't really moved on. She was still very much in love with her. As her relationship with Stephania developed, Maria found herself very confused. She loved Addy, but she was also falling in love with Stephania. Maria struggled greatly in finding a balance between her past and her present. Interestingly enough, Steph embraces Maria's past, and that all becomes a part of their present life.

Not everyone was happy for Maria's new found love. Her sister, Marisol, brought her the bad news that her family did not approve of their relationship. Maria was told that until she and Steph broke up and Maria was no longer gay, she needed to stay away from the family. That was until Maria's mother passed away.

While out in California spending time with her family during her mother's services, it comes to light that the only family member who had a problem with Stephania was Marisol. A heated confrontation arose, and Maria was welcomed back into the family, along with Steph.

Despite their age difference and personality differences, Maria and Stephania really make a wonderful pair. They loved and supported each other both through good times and bad. They remind us that love knows no boundaries with age, personality, background, etc. Love truly is blind, an that is a wonderful thing.

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