Thursday, February 18, 2016

Loving Her Valentines: Donna and Brynn

Happy February, gang!

For this month, what I am doing is going to be discussing romances from the Loving Her series on my usual Thursday posts, and then treating you to a romantic excerpt from the story.

Who doesn't love love?

This week's couple is Donna and Brynn!

Donna and Brynn are very much the unlikely couple. If not for John, Donna's partner, getting shot by a man in Brynn's jurisdiction, the two may never have connected (though John and his wife wanted to set them up early on).

John was Donna's partner. John and his wife, and Brynn's family were very close. So when John was shot during a sting, both women were deeply affected...and thus brought together.

Because of the nature and severity of the situation with John, Brynn and Donna's relationship started out strictly as a working one. Two cops working on the same case; however, they were both closely tied to John, so the emotions ran deeply. They remained focused and professional. They both had one goal - the same goal - in mind: to catch John's shooter.

The culprit remains somewhat elusive, making both women work diligently. Neither of them understands the word 'quit.' Instead, they investigate and push. Unknowingly, the other's dedication is what keeps each other going.

Throughout all of this, Brynn continues to balance being her sister's care-giver, and her family with this work. While Donna continues to be the knight in shining armor for all of her friends, rescuing, helping, guiding, and caring for them as the family she never had.

Finally, Brynn catches a break. They get the name and address of the drug dealer who shot John. It's go time.

Donna meets up with Brynn and joins her the day they raid the dealer's house. Donna tries not to be distracted by Brynn. Brynn realizes she had seen Donna once before, passing down the streets of Philly; she thought she was hot then - she still held that belief. 

They put attraction aside, though, so that they could get their man. And they did just that.

Brynn wasted no time, however, in pursuing Donna. She asked her out that afternoon; when she found out that Donna was going to Liz's premier with the PA Ballet, Brynn asked if she could go. It was a date with destiny.

What unfolds is a real relation, real love. With Brynn reminding Donna that life isn't perfect, that fairy tales don't exist, but true love and devotion do. Donna reciprocates by giving Brynn something that she would love more than a diamond ring: a horse! 

Proof that love comes in all forms, and in the end love and the connection between two people in love is undeniable.

Happy reading!

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