Thursday, February 11, 2016

Loving Her Valenties: Linda and Katie

Happy February, gang!

For this month, what I am doing is going to be discussing romances from the Loving Her series on my usual Thursday posts, and then treating you to a romantic excerpt from the story.

Who doesn't love love?

This week's couple is Linda and Katie!

Linda and Katie were absolutely destined for each other. They met at the pizza parlor where Katie worked one busy Friday night, and there was an immediate spark.

Linda hadn't dated in a while; not since her last relationship went horrifically sour.
Katie was a vet student, focused on her studies, not relationships. Linda, though, was irresistible.

Even on their first date, as nervous as they both were, there was an undeniable connection. Their relationship blossomed beautifully, except for one issue: Katie's parents.

Katie's father was a fanatical pastor. He could hardly stomach the fact that his daughter was in college studying for a career, let alone gay. Katie was very cautious in dealing with her parents. When she moved in with Linda, she fabricated a story about a housing mistake made by the college and that Linda was the sister of a friend. Her parents were leery at best.

Linda and Katie faced their greatest  obstacle when summer came. Katie had to return home to Iowa, and could not maintain any real correspondence with Linda. Linda, however, sent her letters daily. Unfortunately, the last one came after Katie returned to Philadelphia.

That mistake nearly caused Linda and Katie their lives. Katie's parents hunted them down and brutally attacked them both.

Love is stronger than hate, though. Linda and Katie persevered. They survived their attacks, and their love only got stronger. Leading them to the greatest day of their lives: their wedding day.

Love does conquer all!

Happy reading!

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