Saturday, December 12, 2015

Still lots of holiday WeWriWa fun!

It's Saturday night, which can mean only one thing: WeWriWa! This month, to celebrate the holidays, we will be reading excerpts from my short story, First Christmas. First Christmas is a follow up to Pianissimo. Darryl has finally returned home, and he and Corinne are celebrating their first Christmas as a civilian couple. Unbeknownst to Darryl, Corinne is still very fixated on the story of Agnes and Margaret, so we get to see how they celebrate Christmas as well. So, without further ado, let's WeWriWa!

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Background on the excerpt:
It's still early in the day, Corinne and Darryl just sat down for breakfast. The reality of his presence, but the absence of the rest of their families is hitting Corinne.
Snippet in 9:

Darryl sat across from Corinne. It was strange celebrating the holiday without their families. She felt a pang of sadness and solitude, but she loved the fact that Darryl was home, and he always would be.
“You alright, babe?” He interrupted her thoughts.
“Yeah,” she smiled. “Happy that you’re home.”

He reached across the table and gently caressed her hand. “Me too.”

Hope you liked it!

Happy reading and happy holidays!


Chelle Cordero said...

A tender moment captured very well.

Kim Magennis said...

A lovely intimate scene
Nicely done!

Stephanie Ingram said...

No doubt they will manage to take comfort in being together for the holidays. Enjoyed the snippet. :-)

Rachel de Vine said...

Nice little snippet. Would make me want to read more.

Veronica Scott said...

Nice little holiday snippet for us today!

Caitlin Stern said...

The holidays can be complicated. But family is what you make it, right?

Happy holidays!