Thursday, December 10, 2015

Loving Her for the holidays

It's December 10th already!

It's crazy to think we're at the end of 2015 already, isn't it?! Time goes by WAY too quickly!

Since the holidays are officially upon us, I thought it might be a good idea to look at my books as gifts for the readers on your list...or even yourself! ;)

This week, we'll look at the Loving Her series.

The Loving Her series is a very unique series. Unlike Harry Potter or Twilight, the books can be read in any order. Each story is linear, and the series as a whole paints one giant, beautiful picture. However, each story is still unique, is able to stand on its own, and thus can be read in any order.

This series is about love and romance, but it's also about friendship, family, identity, and life. These stories and these characters are complex, as are their relationships. Just like we do in real life, these women wear many hats, and play many different roles.

The Loving Her series is a series of short stories unlike anything you've ever read before. You'll get to experience certain situations from different perspectives. You'll see just how tightly woven our lives are with those around us.

Love, laughter, loathing, lamentation, and life are what the Loving Her series is all about.

These books are for readers who want a more meaningful, more rich, deeper story, with true-to-life characters.

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5 Stars
In this series of stories, we meet a group of loving friends and couples. Each member of this group is diverse in personalities and abilities, but they are tied together by the common denominator - love.

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