Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pianissimo for the holidays

It's December!

It's crazy to think we're at the end of 2015 already, isn't it?! Time goes by WAY too quickly!

Since the holidays are officially upon us, I thought it might be a good idea to look at my books as gifts for the readers on your list...or even yourself! ;)

This week, we'll look at Pianissimo.

Pianissimo is multi-facited. First you have the story of Corinne, a lonely military wife. Just when she thinks she is done worrying about her husband being sent off, he goes on one final deployment. She finds herself lonely and depressed. She needs to discover herself, and to find peace in her solitude.

There is the paranormal aspect of Corinne's house. She and her husband, Darryl, bought the house right before that final deployment. It's an old house, chock full of stories and secrets. For as lonely as Corinne feels, she soon discovers that she's actually not alone.

Finally, there's the story of Agnes and Margaret. A love story. A life story. These two women lead extraordinary lives, and they leave a glorious trail of letters, photographs, and even a diary, so their legacy can live on.

Pianissimo is a story about women. It is a story about the strength of women, the resiliency of women, the determination of women, the capability of women, the enduring spirit of women. It is much a human story as it is a paranormal story and/or a love story.

For readers who love books with tremendous depth, palpable emotions, multiple elements, and a feel good story, Pianissimo is a great book!

Get your copy here!

4.5 Stars
Darryl and Corinne Richards purchase their first house. With Darryl’s army career coming to a close, they feel ready to settle down in Louisville, Kentucky. With impeccable timing, Darryl is sent on one final tour, leaving Corinne to live in this new house and new city alone. Overwhelmed, Corinne becomes reclusive, living a quiet, boring life with her cats as she adjusts to her new surroundings. The problem is: someone or some thing does not want her life to be either quiet or boring. And then there’s the creepy piano in the basement… There is more to that creepy, dilapidated piano and her new home than Corinne could ever imagine. Through highs and lows, twists and turns, she begins to understand that even the most softly played music is powerful – and that even soft realizations and quietly subtle changes can have a profound effect

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