Thursday, August 27, 2015

Character of the Week: Brynn from The Peace Officer/the Loving Her series

Brynn, and her sister Willow, were named after nearby town by their now deceased father. But what's in a name?

Brynn Racanelli is a woman who wears many hats.

She is a dutiful daughter.

She tries to spend as much time as she can with her mother. Ralph (Brynn's father, Julia's husband) was a police officer who was shot while on duty. Julia was suddenly alone. She had two daughters to raise, a job, bills to pay. Her entire life was turned upside down. As time progressed, Willow became devastatingly sick (we'll discuss that shortly), and then Brynn graduated from the academy. Julia still carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. Not a day went by that she wasn't panic stricken about Brynn possibly having the same fate as her father. Never did a day pass when she wasn't worried sick about Willow. So Brynn came by to check on her mother and sister often. She did her best to help ease her poor mother's burden. With the death of her father, Brynn felt obligated to step up and ensure the health and well-being of her family. If she didn't, who would?

Brynn is also a steadfast sister.

She dedicated every free moment that she had to her sister. While in the academy, Willow became increasingly ill. So much so that she had to drop out of the academy. Her life was suddenly filled with doctor appointments rather than accomplishing her hopes and dreams. Brynn drove her to every appointment. She tended to her sister like a nurse. She loved, supported, and cared for her sister unwaveringly. Willow was losing her life to her illness, Brynn made sure that she didn't lose her family too. Willow and Brynn share an amazing connection. In some ways, Brynn is as dependent on Willow and their relationship as Willow is on her. At times, it seemed their sister was the only one they each had. Supporting and helping each other was synonymous with sisterhood.

She is also a police woman.

She's actually a third generation cop. It was in her blood. She couldn't imagine doing anything else. Brynn was born to be a cop. Not for the action, not for power, not for the glory. She is focused intently on helping others. She is the Peace Officer because that is exactly the type of cop she really is. Hers is a presence of peace. She brings peace and hope to a woman named Helen. She brings peace and justice to Donna and John. Brynn does her job so that she protects and serves every person she encounters. She is selfless, she is compassionate,she is gentle, she is dedicated, she is Doylestown's greatest.

Brynn is also a faithful partner.

Growing up, she had a wonderful example of love and fidelity in her parents. She saw their unending love and devotion to each other. Brynn's parents led by example. They demonstrated the work, honesty, trust, and love that are needed in partnerships and marriages. So it comes as no surprise that Brynn invests herself completely in her relationships. She and her live-in girlfriend of 3 years, Erika, share a tremendous relationship. They are completely committed to each other. Even at the end, Brynn was still loyal. Sometimes relationships just fizzle, and that is exactly what happens between Brynn and Erika. Since neither broke the other's trust, they are able to maintain a friendship over the years. Once she and Donna get together, she is again devoted and true. Brynn exemplified love and devotion for Donna. She shows her a level of commitment that Donna had never seen before. She is entirely devoted to her. Brynn commits herself completely to the women in her life.

Then there's Brynn the horse lover.

Like many girls growing up, Brynn was horse crazy. REALLY horse crazy. With parents who would do anything for their kids, she was fortunate enough to have a horse named Petunia when she was growing up. Petunia was her best friend. She and Petunia seemed to be able to read each other's minds. When they were together, they were always in sync. She could race with Petunia and feel completely free. The wind in their hair, the world around them was nothing but a blur. As Brynn discovered who she was, Petunia never judged her. Their connection was incredibly powerful. They were best friends for years and years. Even after Petunia was gone, Brynn still felt a strong affinity for horses. Hers is a passion that only gets further ignited as her story goes on, thanks to Donna.

Brynn is a woman of such great depth and character. Her multifaceted personality makes her interesting and relatable. Brynn was a character that I never initially imagined, but I'm glad I did. She is a woman that I deeply respect.

Favorite quote from Brynn: "See? Look how beautiful it is out here. This is all for you, Helen. This is your new life."

Happy reading!

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