Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another WeWriWa from The Ballerina

It's time for another WeWriWa!

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During the month of February, I will be posting snippets from The Ballerina. This is Liz's story, and the first in the Loving Her series.

A southern, redheaded, pickup driving lesbian ballerina? You bet! Meet Liz: a southern belle with flair. Vivacious, eclectic and graceful, she is unique to say the least. The first in the series of Loving Her stories, Liz's story is the kind that stays with you long after you've closed the book.

Background on the snippet: Liz is laying in another hotel bed while she and her company continues to tour. The tour, the driving, and living out of a suitcase seems to be taking a toll on her.

Seinfeld played on the TV, but Liz wasn’t paying attention. It was a swirl of noise and colors in the background. The hotel bed was small, hard and incredibly uncomfortable. Life on the road seemed endless. She didn’t even know where she was any more. Cities blended into each other. Miles became exponentially longer. Home was just a distant memory.

Hope you liked it! Happy reading!


Jess Schira said...

You're character description made me smile, in a good way. I already like Liz.

I enjoy the way your snippet makes me think of an abstract watercolor where the colors are starting to blur together and the whole image feels a little fuzzy.

Very nice snippet.

Charmaine Gordon said...

You've painted a scene of sorrow, desolation and loneliness. Beautifully written.

Cara Bristol said...

I like that, home was a distant memory. Anyone who has been on the road or moved away can identity with that.

Chelle Cordero said...

I want to give her a hug, she sounds so lonely and overwrought. Great visualization, brings us right into the room with her. Great 8.

Karyn Good said...

On the brink of change as life is wearing thin. That's the picture I see. Lovely emotion. Lovely 8!

Victoria Adams said...

How sad. Home distant memory. Great 8.

Neva said...

Great snippet, it really flows. Love the Seinfeld reference also. ;)

Kate said...

Excellent eight. Her loneliness and road fatigue are very real here.