Thursday, January 22, 2015


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for voting for Pianissimo.

For the third consecutive year, my work has won a spot in the Top Ten. Pianissimo came in 6th, and I am very grateful and excited. There is no way I could have done as well as I did without your help. Thank you is inadequate comparative to the gratitude I feel. I deeply appreciate it!

For anyone who has not yet checked out Pianissimo, I would like to share a couple of links, and even an excerpt for you.

First, here is the video.

Second, here are the first 4 chapters as a sample for you to read before you buy the book in its entirety.

Lastly, here are some buy links for you:

All Romance Ebooks

And here's a little snippet to wet your appetite. ;)

As she peered around the corner, something green caught her eye. Slowly, the form took shape from
under the shadows. It was an old piano. A very old piano. As Corinne stepped closer, she read a large brass plate that still sat regally on the old instrument. R. S. Howard. It was an R. S. Howard upright piano. The backboard was missing, exposing the scrawny, naked strings and hammers. A few of the keys were permanently depressed. The piano’s original rich wood finish was hidden under an old coat of drab olive green paint.

Why on earth was there a piano in the basement? Who keeps a piano down there? It’s an unfinished
basement. It’s not like people would be entertaining company in this hole. It was so weird.

And why was it painted? Who would paint a piano? Especially such an ugly color. It looked stupid.

Corinne just shook her head in confusion.

As she stared at the old instrument, memories of her musical days came flooding back to her. She
remembered the years and years of piano lessons. She remembered all the recitals and concerts. She smiled reflecting back on all those great memories.

She walked over to it. She could only imagine the beautiful music that had once been played on the old piece. She softly touched it. A burst of a cold sensation struck her hand and raced up her arm. 

Corinne immediately dropper her hand. The cold feeling was gone.

She was struck by a burst of energy while she continued to stare at the piano.

“Hello?” A man’s voice echoed down the stairs.

I hope you liked it. Happy reading!

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