Thursday, December 5, 2013

Stephania's Page 69 Trial

Howdy, partners!

Today I am teasing you with Stephania's equivalent to a page 69 trial.


It was around ten in the morning, but both Maria and Stephania were still walking around the
house in their pajamas.

Maria had decided to work from home since the girls had been out so late.

Stephania was taking it easy since she had the shoot with Linda tomorrow. She had just leaned
back in her chair, propped her feet up on her desk and took a sip of her coffee when the business
phone line rang.

“Hello?” Stephania answered after hurriedly swallowing the very hot coffee. She tried not to
cough into the phone.

“Hi, is this Steph-ah-NEE-ya?” The woman’s voice on the other phone clearly struggled with the
pronunciation of Steph’s name.

“Steph-AHN-ya.” She corrected the other woman. “Yes, this is she.”

“Hi, this is Susan from Peter’s office.”

“Hi Susan, how are you?”

“I am doing well, thanks for asking. I’m calling for Peter. He’s home sick with the flu.” Susan

“Oh poor Peter! If you talk to him later, please tell him I hope he feels better.”

“I will,” Susan replied. “Anyway, we just got a call for a shoot for you that Peter thinks you’d be
very interested in.”

“Okay, go on.”

“Well, you were requested for a cover shoot of…Curve Magazine.”

“Are you kidding? You’re kidding, right? This is some kind of a prank, isn’t it? A belated April
Fool’s? Peter would do something like that…”


“This is for real?!”

“This is for real.” Susan answered.

Stephania could not believe this. There was no way this was happening. “You’re sure they
wanted me?”

“Yes, they wanted you. They’ve seen your portfolio and your wonderful work for the gay
community. They would like to do a cover shoot and an article.”

Steph gently put the phone down on the desk and then proceeded to scream and jump around
the room.

Maria scurried in to come see what was wrong.

Steph waited a moment, took a deep breath, and picked up the phone again.

Maria just stood there, puzzled.

“I’m sorry, Susan. I just needed a moment,” Steph cleared her throat. “Peter was correct. I
would love to do this shoot.” She could hear laughter on the other end of the phone.

“Great! I’ll have one of the Curve reps call you and we can get you all set.”

“Thank you.” Stephania said, trying desperately to maintain her composure.

“Sure. We’ll talk again soon.” Susan hung up.

“Would you care to explain why you gave me a heart attack?” Maria demanded.

Stephania put the phone down. “Well…” She said slowly, playing this out. “I got an offer for a
shoot and…”

“And?” Maria cut her off.

“It’s for the cover of Curve! They want to do a shoot and an article!”

Now it was Maria’s turn to scream. She hugged Steph and the two began to dance around the

Finally out of breath, Maria said, “This has been your dream for years! That’s great! I’m so
happy for you. Congratulations, baby. So when is the shoot?”

“One of the reps from Curve will call us. Knowing everyone at Peter’s office, they’ll call later

Maria squealed with excitement.

Stephania paused, and then her eyes lit up. “I’d better hit the gym! I have to look good. I’m
about to be on the cover of Curve!”

She slammed her coffee mug down, gave Maria a peck on the cheek and ran out the door.

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