Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mom's Book Report for The Cop

Happy Thursday, gang!

This week, we're going back a bit. My mother's book report for The Cop is in.

Hope you like it! :)

Most heartfelt moment: "After a brief but scalding hot shower, she stared at herself through the steamed mirror. At first, her face was blurred by the condensation. As time progressed, her face became increasingly clearer. She was definitely a good cross section of her parents.
She had her mother’s curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her jaw line and tall, lean, muscular build were definitely from her father. She could see them both reflected back at her, almost as if they were standing right behind her.“Damn it!” Donna screamed at the mirror's reflection. Tears raced down Donna's cheeks. She couldn't escape it. The people she cherished and missed the most were staring right back at her."

Kindest description of an older woman: "Donna looked up and watched her sitting across the table. Beth was a sweet, middle aged woman. She wore a large, fluffy blue shirt which made her appear larger than she really was. Her hair was a combination of wheat and grey all curled and entangled. It was short in length, just barely reaching her ears. Thought clearly aged, her eyes were a soft shade of brown. Small wrinkles made their ways around her eyes, forehead and mouth. Her lips were too thin for lipstick, but her smile was grand."

Most tense moment: "Out of the corner of her eye, she saw another officer approaching one of the thieves from an alleyway behind them. She stood as still as she could, waiting for her moment.
For as hard as she was breathing, her body felt as though it could not get enough oxygen. She focused on her breathing pattern while still watching the other officer.
Inch by tiny inch, he moved his way closer. Slowly and silently he moved until he knew he was in the right place. He suddenly leaped forward, pushing the thief to the ground face down. He grabbed one of the thief’s arms and pulled it behind his back. As he did so, Donna raced forward with her gun aimed at one of the other thieves. Suddenly, Donna felt an incredible pain in her back. She felt as though a great force pushing her forward. All the air escaped her lungs. Her eyes rolled up towards the sky as she lost all control of her body. She felt her body slam against the concrete in a tremendous impact before blackness enveloped her."

Funnies Line: “An hour in the shower?! What the hell is wrong with you? Do you only bathe twice a year that you need to be in the shower that long?”

Happy reading!!!

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