Thursday, November 21, 2013

Linda's Page 69 Trial

Happy Thursday, gang!

For your reading pleasure, here is Linda's page 69 trial. Hope you like it! ;)

After their tasty, though somewhat comical dinner, Katie and Linda were walking through University City District. The night was curiously warm with a cool, gentle breeze that kicked up every so often. The night was clear and the stars seemed brighter than usual.

As nervous as Linda was, holding Katie’s hand somehow felt normal, comfortable, right. They strolled down the sidewalk. There was no world around them. Just a beautiful black sky with diamond stars…and each other.

As they walked in the crisp October night air, Katie’s watch beeped, signaling that it was midnight.
“I should get back. I have class early in the morning.”

“Ok,” Linda said softly.

At Katie’s building, they turned towards each other. They fidgeted awkwardly, waiting for the other to make the first move.
Finally, Linda leaned in, and gently kissed Katie. It was like nothing either one had ever experienced. It was soft and gentle. It was warm and intense. It sent a shock through both of their spines. It was an amazing feeling that neither wanted to end.

Happy reading! ;)

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