Thursday, January 17, 2013

Battle Born Love

Good morning, readers! :)

Today, I want to tell you about a book I just read called, Battle Born Love, by author Lynda Bailey.

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A hopeless romantic, yet not one to necessarily paruse the romance section right away, I wasn't sure what this book would be like.

Let me tell you that even though I had no expectations, I was STILL pleasantly surprised with it. This book gave me the raw reality of addiction; an honest look at a strong, hard-working, independent woman; a great love story peppered with some steamy scenes and a good, strong plot.

I loved the characters and their depth. There is emotion, these are not two-dimensional paper cut-outs. I loved how the families were functioning dysfunctionals. I could easily see these dynamics and communication patterns in real life. And then you can see how those family histories affect the two main characters, Rory and Kane, and how they interact with each other (everyone's family, familial communication styles, etc. affect how we interact with each other).

This was a fun read, a quick read and a good read.

If you're looking for a new good romance author to read, I would definitely recommend Lynda Bailey! :)

appy reading, y'all! ;)


Samantha said...

Thanks for the review!

Lynda Bailey said...

Thanks, Lauren, for having me here today and for saying such nice things about BATTLE-BORN LOVE!