Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Blog Jog Day!!!!!

Welcome, joggers! My name is Lauren Harvey, and I write as L. E. Harvey. And this is my humble abode - I mean blog! :)

ONE very lucky jogger will be selected to win signed copies of all three of my current titles! The winner will be chosen at random, so be sure to leave a comment to put your name in the running! :)

I am THRILLED to be in this blog jog, and I am honored to have you here! :)

Let me tell you a bit about myself and my blog.

First off, I am an LGBT and contemporary fiction author. My writing background is non-fiction, but I began writing fiction in 2006 and haven't looked back. ;)

I am from Philadelphia, and have lived all over the United States. I like to bore people with my various stories and expeditions. ;)

My partner and I have a beautiful four year old daughter, 4 cats and a dog (I'm a licensed vet tech by day, writer by night). There are countless stories about said family members.

I call my blog the Writings and Ramblings of a Philadelphian because (a) I'm a writer and I write; (b) I talk a lot, and thus ramble and (c) as previously stated, I'm a Philly girl. Go Eagles! LOL.

My blog is informal. I like to make my readers feel comfortable and know that I am very approachable. Most of my blog posts are about my books (Loving Her, Unbreakable Hostage, and Imperfect), but there's the occasional funny life story, moving life story or political ramble. I want my readers to get to know me,

so that I'm not some strange being who just asks for book sales.

For Blog Jog Day, here are some randome tidbits about yours truly:

1) I do not jog. Unless my house is on fire, that is.

2) I like to post silly pictures in my blog. Because silly pictures (and the Hokey Pokey) are what it's all about it.

3) I am short.

4) I like to wear animal socks.

5) I can curse people out in Slavish.

Thank you so much for stopping by on your jog today! From here, I'd like to send you to Pat Bertram's blog. Pat Bertram blogs about writing, life, and the writing life. Also, she will be offering people a chance to win a copy all the titles published in 2011 by Second Publishing. So you don't want to miss out on that! Bertram's Blog

Happy reading and happy blog jog day! :)


Carol said...

Was that silly guy from L.A.???

Sun Singer said...

Happy Blog Jog Day, Lauren.


JL Walters said...

Just jogging around and recognized yors since I have an interview up here.

Disgruntled Bear said...

Nice ta metcha, Lauren!...jogging by...pant, pant...

Anne K. Albert said...

Hi Lauren, Happy Blog Jog Day!

Vila said...

What fun! Thank you Lauren!

Sharkbytes said...

Here for Blog Jog. What fun!

Hales said...

I love your blog hun xx

Patricia Rockwell said...

A fun site! I'd like to read your book.

Anonymous said...

Liked the sketches. Happy writing (don't we all ask for that?).

Joylene Butler said...

Your blog was delightful, Lauren. Thanks for sharing.

Tanja said...

I love the funny pics on your blog. Thanx for letting me jog thru.

Linda Henderson said...

Thank you for hosting a stop on the Blog Jog. I would love to read your books. Thank you for the opportunity.

seriousreader at live dot com

Heidiwriter said...

Cute blog, pix and cats!

BK said...

Hello Lauren,

Love the new look! Stopping in on the jog! Great post too btw :).

Have a great jog day,


Vicki Rocho said...

blog jogging through. The ONLY kind of jogging I do anymore. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Jogging by... nice to see another author. Should come back when I'm less in a hurry...
BTW, THIS is the only jogging I'll ever do, there's no way you'll see me jogging in the real world! :-D

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Hi there, L.E.! I'm here for the Blog Jog. I was away from the computer on Sunday, so I'm catching up today.

"Hokey Pokey.." LOL "That's what it's all about..." LOLOL!!!

I lived in Philly (North side) for about a month. Didn't care for it.

Have a great week.