Saturday, November 27, 2010

Book Review: Dream Bigger by Julie Wise

Happy Saturday after Turkey day, everyone! :) I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday and that your holiday weekend is going well. :)

Today, I am reviewing Dream Bigger by Julie Wise.

And just to be uber sweet to y'all, I am giving away a $10 Amazon gift card! What must one do? 'Tis simple, really. Just read this review and post a comment. The winner will be chosen at random (PLEASE make sure I have some way of contacting you via e-mail! LOL). So, read on and good luck!

Again, I remind you that I am a novice reviewer, so please pardon me if this isn't perfect. ;)

To get right down to it, I like this book. Dream Bigger is not your stereotypical self-help book. It is anything but cliche.

Ms. Wise uses absolutely incredible examples from her own life, as well as her clients and truly inspirational people. I love her honesty in the book. She does not paint her life out to be perfect, which is great for imperfect people like me! I could relate to her stories, her struggles, and her triumphs.

What is most incredible is that I was reading this book during a rather important time in my life. One day, my partner began reading it along with me. Next thing I knew, we were both fighting to read it! LOL. This book really touched and inspired my partner. At a time when she was at a cross-roads, Dream Bigger gave her the tools, guidance and inspiration to follow her heart! I am truly indebted to Ms. Wise for this book and the good it has brought to my partner's life!

If you or someone you know is looking for good holiday reading, and reading that will truuly inspire you, this is the book for you! Enjoy, Dream Bigger!

Happy reading! :)

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Hoodie72 said...

This is a great book. I'd like to read it again please:)