Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The truth behind Loving Her

I've been asked so many times about the experiences the girls go through in Loving Her, and where I "came up with" those. They come from real life. Stories that either myself or friends have experienced. Those stories are true to life.

Today, I have once again experienced the prejudice that is so common to us in the GLBTQ community. No matter how many times I go through it or how old I get, it still eats me and hurts me right at my core. I - we- are human beings. We are no different than our straight counterparts. Color, gender, religion, sexual orientation: these are all only small pieces of the greater picture of us as human beings. We all need to live and let live. I pray that one day soon, we can all live as one HUMAN race!

If you haven't yet ordered, purchased, or downloaded your copy of Loving Her, I ask that you please do so. Maybe, just maybe that book will help to bring us all a bit closer as PEOPLE. Thank you.

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