Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book Discussion - Liz & Jen

I'm sorry that this is delayed. If you read my other blog for today, you'll see my mouse died and it took a week for a new one to come in so I could use my computer again. NOT good for a writer! LOL.

Anyhoo, let's get going on Liz & Jen's story for this month's book club discussion.

1) How long have Liz and Jen been together?

2) What are your thoughts on Jen being Liz's one and only partner? Is it really possible to find your "one" right off the bat? Is it possible that Liz is straight and she doesn't even know it? What do you think?

3) Can a person like Liz be real or is she too extreme being a ballerina and having a tricked out pick up truck with a large big block engine?

4) What is Jen's life like now? Is it really a good idea that Liz is working again and Jen is home alone?

5) Why did Jen call Donna when she fell and not Liz?

I think there's a lot more we could do, but let's start with this and see where the discussion leads!

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