Saturday, January 31, 2009

Imperfect news; and don't forget to enter to win a FREE PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF LOVING HER!!!!!!

Well, I must say that Imperfect is coming along much better than I had originally anticipated. This is by no means an easy book to write, and I just wasn't sure if I had the talent, guts or energy to do this.

I'll tell ya, it's flowing very nicely, though. I'm actually really proud of what I have so far. I think this book is going to touch so many people in so many ways. I'm looking forward to it's release later this year!! :)

Don't forget, Imperfect isn't all I've got. My first book, Loving Her is out NOW. It's available in print, in e-book AND Kindle forms! It's a series of intertwined short stories about a group of friends and lovers who face day-to-day obstacles, as well as larger problems like severe prejudice. Each one of this characters is a representation of me, in one way or another. My soul lives in each one of them. It's really a unique book, and it's an easy read. I strongly encourage all of you to go out and get it - you won't be disappointed!

To go along with that, I'm holding my contest for you to win a PERSONALLY autographed copy of Loving Her directly from me! I will randomly select ONE winner from the next 10 people that cast Loving Her on I have a cast up there, as well as my pics on my myspace profile. Take a look at what I have, and then create your own cast of characters! I'm dying to know who you'd pick, PLUS you could win a FREE PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF LOVING HER !!!!!

So, hurry & get your entries in NOW! Remember, only the first 10 "casting directors" qualify! So, don't miss out!!! The official deadline is NEXT Sunday, February 8th! Hurry! This is a really cool opportunity! You do not want to miss out!!! :)

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