Saturday, November 7, 2015

November WeWriWa: My first time doing a WIP

Hello, fellow bibliophiles!

For this month, I am doing something I've never done before: snippets of an unpublished WIP. Up to this point, I've done samples of my work that are completed and available for purchase. For the month of November, I am giving you a sneak peek into a raw, unedited, incomplete piece. To boot, this is my first jab at a fantasy story.

So without further ado, let's WeWriWa!

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The Tale of the Good Pirate, Robert (working title) is a story about a bird named Robert who fancies himself a pirate; he lives in a land called Locreya. It is the land of infinity: infinite possibilities, infinite opportunities, infinite positivity. Just as there is darkness in our world, there is darkness in Robert's world. It is a land called Mulrad. It is the land of misery, built on the tears of children. When three of his crew men are kidnapped and sent to Mulrad, Robert must find a way to save them, and to bring peace to both lands.

Background on the snippet: this is the introduction, where we get our first taste for life in Locreya.
Snippet in 9 sentences:

Somewhere in the highlands of Scotland, tucked between the rocky crags, and the curving rivers lies a small, dense little forest. Should you enter that forest, it won’t take you long to find Locreya. The sun drizzles in through the trees illuminating the lush, green path. And suddenly, something catches your eye. You see a small sparkle on the ground out of the corner of your eye. By the time you turn to see it, it’s gone. If you wait, though, if you are patient enough and take a big, deep breath in, you’ll see it again. You kneel down to see what this little sparkle could be. When it blinks for the third time, you see that it is simply a little fairy skipping her way down the path. 

I hope you liked it!


Chelle Cordero said...

Very good use of visual description, feels like we re being introduced to something quite magical.

Ed Hoornaert said...

I love the premise: "The Tale of the Good Pirate, Robert (working title) is a story about a bird named Robert who fancies himself a pirate..." Good pirate Robert, as opposed to Dread Pirate Robert. From the tone, this might be YA. Am I right?

Veronica Scott said...

Love the tone of the snippet and the idea of the sparkling and the path - very cool. Can't wait to read more of this enticing tale!

Caitlin Stern said...

Sounds lovely and magical!