Saturday, November 14, 2015

More WIP WeWriWa fun!

For this month, I am doing something I've never done before: snippets of an unpublished WIP. Up to this point, I've done samples of my work that are completed and available for purchase. For the month of November, I am giving you a sneak peek into a raw, unedited, incomplete piece. To boot, this is my first jab at a fantasy story.

So without further ado, let's WeWriWa!

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The Tale of the Good Pirate, Robert (working title) is a story about a bird named Robert who fancies himself a pirate; he lives in a land called Locreya. It is the land of infinity: infinite possibilities, infinite opportunities, infinite positivity. Just as there is darkness in our world, there is darkness in Robert's world. It is a land called Mulrad. It is the land of misery, built on the tears of children. When three of his crew men are kidnapped and sent to Mulrad, Robert must find a way to save them, and to bring peace to both lands.

Background on the snippet: This is the main character (Desiree)'s first encounter with Robert.
Snippet in 9:

I looked down, and before me stood a small bird. He boasted a little green body, with a bright yellow face. He was small – not a tropical parrot. Nor did he resemble any wild birds I had ever seen. He was bigger than a parakeet. He was so unique, and so adorable. Then I noticed he wore an eye patch over his right eye. Like a pirate, but he had no hat or peg leg. He was an interesting, if not comical sight.

I hope you liked it!


Amalie Cantor said...

A bird that's also a pirate. How fun! I'm wondering whether Robert is actually human but was transfigured or is simply of a different sentient species. You're so used to seeing birds as familiars of pirates--not the pirates themselves. A very creative way to turn the trope on its head. Looking forward to seeing what comes next! :-)

Veronica Scott said...

So unusual - I can certainly visualize the bird from your excellent description. I'm still having a mild challenge as to how a bird an be a pirate but I'm sure willing to keep reading. Great snippet!

Jesse said...

I absolutely love this. The overall concept and the snippet! The tiny pirate bird. Adorable.

Caitlin Stern said...

Sounds adorable, probably not so good if he wants to be taken seriously. He needs a hat, too. :)