Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holidays are best spent with great books!

Happy Thursday, gang!

It's not just Thursday...It's Christmas!!!

To celebrate the holiday, I want to give you a little sample from First Christmas. It's a follow up short story to Pianissimo.

Corinne tightly held her coffee mug. It was forty two degrees out. Cold enough for her. She pulled back the curtain and looked out the window. No white Christmas here. Not today, anyway. Corinne couldn’t help but to feel bummed by seeing green grass. It wasn’t anything like her childhood Christmases in Indiana.
“Oh well,” she sighed.
Darryl was still sleeping. It was about a quarter after eight. He should be getting up soon. She hoped. She wanted to spend Christmas with him, even if it was a quiet one. It was their first Christmas since he retired from the Army. It was their first Christmas in this new house. It was almost like it was their first Christmas all together. It was incredibly important to her. She didn’t want to sit in solitude on this day. She had done enough of that when he was out serving.
Just as she was about to let go of the curtain, she saw that Rich and Susie were out across the street.
Corinne smiled and opened the door just enough to step out and wave.
Rich looked up and saw her. He gently nudged Susie. “Merry Christmas!” They called out.
Corinne continued to wave. “Merry Christmas!” She shouted back with a big smile.
They smiled back, got into their car and drove off. Corinne loved them. They were the greatest neighbors she had ever had. They were friends. They were even like family. She was so grateful to have forged such a great relationship with them.
She stepped back in and closed the door. A chill ran through her. She took a long sip of her warm coffee. That should help her to warm up quickly.

Suddenly, Millie and Mollie came racing out of nowhere, nearly tripping her. Just as Corinne regained her stability, she could hear the heavy thump of Darryl coming down the stairs. Good! He was up. Now Christmas could begin.                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hope you guys like it! You can purchase your copy here. Happy reading and merry Christmas!  

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