Saturday, December 13, 2014

Another 8 sentence Sunday for y'all

Happy 8 Sentence Sunday, folks!

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Yes, it's time for another WeWriWa!

This week, I'm doing an excerpt from The Peace Officer, book 5 in the Loving Her series.

Brynn Racanelli - daughter, sister, friend, partner, police officer... and so much more. Devoted to serving others through her police work, and to helping her sister who battles chronic Lyme Disease, she is the the poster child of selflessness. But she does have wants, needs, hopes, and dreams. Will fate finally bring her the life and love she’s always dreamed of?

The early morning sky looked like a giant baby blanket. Perfect layers of pastel pink, yellow and blue colors; the fluffy clouds provided the quilting. Nothing, not even the chill in the early November air, could penetrate Brynn’s sense of freedom and satisfaction.

Her horse, Petunia, raced as hard as she could. The trees and landscape around them were nothing more than a blur of various colors. Petunia’s white and grey dappled neck and face were striking against the backdrop of this autumn morning. She snorted as she ran faster and faster. Brynn held the reins right against her neck, at the base of her mane.

Happy Reading!!!  :)


Amalie Cantor said...

This sounds absolutely BRILLIANT this morning. Wish I had a horse to go ride in the cold and the grey...Thanks for sharing!

Charmaine Gordon said...

Breathtaking description here, Lauren. You captured me and brought me right into the scene so effortlessly.

Cindy Amrhein said...

Excellent descriptions in the snippet. I saw everything clearly in my mind.

Frank Fisher said...

Very, very nice way of using colors as imagery in this snippet. I especially like the way you describe the sky - it's so realistic, yet it's so hard to find the right words.

Chelle Cordero said...

Always the worry-wart, i hope she doesn't get careless racing on the horse with this sense of freedom. Well done descriptions, I could practically feel the rush of air.