Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Surprise!


It's Halloween. In the spirit of Halloween, I am being devilishly good and giving you one more taste of Pianissimo. Consider it my Halloween treat to you! ;)

Corinne lay quietly in her large, empty bed. The new bedroom was still too new, too foreign…too empty. Corinne longed for the familiarity of Darryl’s scent; for his warm body hogging up the majority of the bed; for even his snore.

She lay in the bed staring at the ceiling, her mind focused on her absent husband when a loud,
undistinguishable noise startled her. It wasn’t a crash, perhaps more like a bang. It was loud, whatever it was, and it was concerning. What could have caused such a noise? Did something break? Is the house falling apart? Please don’t let it be anything big, I’m too stressed right now. I can’t take anything more! She prayed.

Corinne got up and ran downstairs to see what had happened. Corinne went from room to room, turning on the lights, exploring each area very carefully. Nothing was out of place. Everything looked fine. Nothing was broken. Maybe she just imagined it.

When every room on the first floor had been checked, she debated if she should go back up to bed, or
check out the basement. She wasn’t a big fan of the basement. It was dark, dank, and kind of creepy.
Something had fallen or something happened. She needed to see what had happened. She couldn’t rest until she knew everything was really okay.

She finally let herself down into the basement through the interior entrance. The old wooden door needed some coaxing in order to open. With a gentle push from her hip, the door opened and Corinne carefully managed the old staircase.

As she surveyed the room, nothing seemed out of order. Nothing was broken; nothing had crashed to the floor. All the various boxes, appliances and potpourri remained in their original positions. 

Happy Halloween and happy reading!

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