Thursday, August 28, 2014

Welcoming Neva Squires-Rodriguez to the VHP Family!

Happy Thursday, world!

Today, I would like to take the time to introduce you to another new member of the VHP family, Neva Squires-Rodriguez!

Neva Squires-Rodriguez was born and raised in a neighborhood located on the North Side of Chicago. Mother, Wife, Expert at Multitasking... and now, Author, Neva creates electrifying stories with a twist.

Neva Squires-Rodriguez earned her Masters Degree from National University, a feat which she worked very hard to obtain and says she will work even harder to pay off.

She claims to be a typical American, full of dreams that will hopefully get her to a more comfortable lifestyle one day. She says, “God has a plan and I will follow wherever it is that He takes me.”

Q: You call yourself "Mother, Wife, Expert at Multitasking... and now, Author, Neva creates electrifying stories with a twist." Obviously, you're a busy woman. How do you find time to write as you balance work and family?

I love writing, but my family takes precedence. I write during my lunch break at work, at night after the kids go to sleep and in the kitchen when I'm cooking dinner. Needless to say, I'm not the best cook, but I have a passion for writing.

Q: You mention how your parents introduced you to writing as a child. When/how did writing sneak it's way into adult your life?

Great question Lauren. When I was about 22 years old my friends at work and I started writing short stories and sharing them with one another. I didn't find the courage to go public with my writing until after I went back to school for my Masters degree and had received a great deal of positive feed back from instructors and classmates.

Q: How have your life experiences in Chicago influenced your writing?

My experiences in Chicago helped to put the flavor in what I write. In Edgewater-the neighborhood that I grew up in, we were one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago during the 90's. I had the opportunity to get to know people from many other countries and in turn I learned to appreciate the life that we live in our own. I believe that you will see some of my appreciation, in my writing-especially in book 1 of the Liliana Series.

Q: You say that you enjoy reading stories that empower women. Do you use your own writing as a way to empower women?

I do, but more so I like to show growth in my stories. Readers are going to find that my writing is very different than they may be used to. I enjoy showing struggle. Why? Not that I am condoning it in any way, but I want women or anyone for that matter to see that no situation is worth giving up on. There is nothing too tough that they cannot handle. We need to learn to find our inner strength, even when we believe it is non-existent. Sometimes watching others overcome extreme obstacles is helpful. That is exactly what you will find in my writing.

Q: Tell us one thing about yourself that we would never expect (a funny story, a talent, a passion in life, etc.).

I would say an odd thing that I do is set goals for myself that I think are unattainable. Then I work my tail off to get to them, for example getting published, I didn't think that I could ever do it and here I am. Nothing is impossible.

About Neva's first release: Book 1 in the Liliana Trilogy.


That deafening sound changed Liliana’s life forever. Her mother sits dead besides her,shot to death on the streets of Chicago.

Within weeks, Liliana is sent to live with a father she doesn’t know in Colombia - a foreign land and filled with challenges for Liliana.

While working to pay off her father’s debt, she meets the love of her life, who frees her from her father’s illusory home, only to bring her into a new world of twisted surprises.

Where to find Neva Squires-Rodriguez online


Twitter: @NevaRodriguez22



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