Thursday, May 29, 2014

Oops! I forgot Jen's Page 69 Trial, so here it is! :)

Good Thursday morning, world!

In looking back, I see that I didn't give y'all Jen's page 69 trial.

So, without further ado, here's the equivalent of a page 69 trial for Jen, The Shelter Director.

Hearing the door was close was a harsh wake up call for Jen. She was alone now. Liz had been off for so long to tend to her, and now the idea of being alone and home-bound was hitting her hard. She felt good today, though. Knowing that she needed to get into a new routine, she decided to clean the house.

After dusting, scrubbing, and spraying, the time to vacuum had come. The vacuum was upstairs. Jen figured she’d just vacuum the upstairs, bring the vacuum down with her, but she’d let Liz haul it back up when she got home. It seemed like the perfect plan.
Jen thoroughly vacuumed the master bedroom, the hallway, and guest bedroom. It took longer than she had expected; she was starting to tire, and feel sore.

“I can’t believe I’m tired already.” She said to herself.”No, I should be gentle with myself. I’ve done a lot today. But boy do I hate the idea of leaving the downstairs un-vacuumed. There’s no rush. I can do it. I’ll just take my time.”
With all of her might, she dragged the vacuum to the top of the stairs. She grabbed the railing with her right hand, the vacuum with her left, and slowly stepped down to the first step.”Okay, that wasn’t too bad.” Jen thought.
She stepped down to the next step, again without issue.

As she started to walk down to the next step, she could feel she was losing her grip on the vacuum. Without thinking, she took her right hand off the railing to grab the vacuum. Putting all of her weight to the side to keep the vacuum from falling, Jen began to lose her equilibrium. She tried to steady her balance, but the vacuum was too heavy and it pulled her down.
She lost her grip on the vacuum and it bounced around until it the floor with a deafening crash. Jen fell forward. She tried to curl into a ball as the stairs tossed her around like a ping pong ball. She finally fell with a thud, lying on her stomach; she was unsure of where her arms and legs were. She felt her body ache all over, and yet her limbs felt numb. She couldn’t really feel them.

As she lay on the floor, she was thankful for the carpeting on the stairs and floor. How much worse could it have been if they had been a hard surface?

Jen lay there for a moment, in extreme agony and embarrassment. The vacuum lay just a few feet in front of her; small parts were scattered all around. She didn’t feel that she had the strength to get up. She tried to breathe deeply. It was hard. Between laying on her chest and her sore body, it was difficult at best. The longer she lay on the floor, the more comfortable she became. She knew, though, that she couldn’t stay there forever. She had to get up.

As Jen continued to lay still, she could feel one of the cats come up to her. The others had surely hidden in fear from the noise. Their beautiful Japanese Bobtail, Metallica, came up to ensure that Jen was alright. She walked delicately in front of Jen. With what little strength she had, Jen petted her soft orange and white fur.

“Oh sweetie, you’re so good. There is something very special about you.” Jen weakly said to her.”You are wise and gentle. And you’re always concerned about everyone else.”

With a few sniffs, Metallica knew that Jen was going to be alright, so she quietly walked away and watched as Jen tried to get up.

Slowly, painfully, she rolled over. As she did, she saw that her cell phone had fallen out of its belt clip, but was within arm’s reach. As gingerly as possible, Jen reached out for her phone. She gently pulled it towards her, and hit 3 on the speed dial.

Hope you liked it! ;)

Happy reading!

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