Thursday, January 23, 2014

Where do I get my inspiration?

Happy Thursday!

The weekend is almost within our grasp!

As I continue to work through the Loving Her series, I've been getting with a lot of inspiration.

From where? You ask.

Well, nowhere specific, really. It just hits.

I could be washing the dishes...

...or driving my car.

It just hits. My mind goes off on a tangent, and somehow I suddenly have something for one of the stories.

As of late, it hasn't been one in particular, but rather any of the last few remaining stories.

It's interesting to see what hits when and where all of these stories are suddenly going. It makes for an interesting ride as the writer, and hopefully for you as well!

There is much more to come in this series! We still have 4 more stories to go! Stay tuned for more of the gang! ;)

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