Thursday, October 24, 2013

Donna's Page 69 Trial

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!

What could make for better weekend reading than book # 2 in the Loving Her series, The Cop?

To entice you, I'm doing the page 69 trial. However, the PDF has the book end on page 49 (ah, the joys of various formats). So, I decided to figure out what the equivalent would be, and that is page 33.

So, here is your page 33 trial. Hope you like it! :)

Donna sat on the cold, hard ground in front of the two head stones. “Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.” She said. “Nothing to report, really. Work is work. Dad, you know what it’s like working with John.” She tried to chuckle. “Taffy is being good. It’s nice to have some company. I still don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve got friends now, though. Real friends. Linda is my best friend. She’s awesome. I love her like a sister. So, I guess I shouldn’t complain, huh? Some people don’t even have friendships like that.”

She propped her right arm on her right leg. She rested her head on her right and wove her fingers through her curls. Donna took in a couple of deep breaths.

“This still sucks. Just so you both know. I hate this. It’s not getting any easier. I don’t care how much time has gone by. Do you guys have any ideas how many times a day I want to call you? Or how many times a day I think about you? Or how many times I think, Mom would like this or dad would love that? Do you have any idea what it’s like to not celebrate mother’s day or father’s day or your anniversary or your birthdays? Don’t even get me started on Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Once again, Donna felt tears cascading down her face. “It’s so fucking lonely. I don’t have a family.”

She exhaled until she had no air left in her lungs. “I’m sorry. For everything hurtful thing I’ve ever said. For every selfish thing I ever did. For taking you out to dinner and not driving home with you. I’m sorry. I just wish that would make this all better. I’m just so sorry!”

Happy reading!

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