Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Book Report by...My Mother!

My mother has sent me a book report for The Ballerina. I thought it was too funny not to share! Enjoy! :)

My book report: by: Mom

The Ballerina

Favorite description of a person:
"quiet, mousy woman. Plainly dressed in an oatmeal colored button-down blouse paired with chocolate brown pants and similarly colored flat shoes"

Most disgusting description of feet: "The bottoms of her feet were layered sheets of callouses. Her toes appeared misshapen, flat and squished together. Even her toenails were discolored and appeared unhealthy. On her feet, Liz’s normally fair skin was red, cracked and peeling. Blood blisters and wounds of all sorts were sprinkled all over the tops of her feet."

Loneliest description: "The hotel bed was small, hard and incredibly uncomfortable. Life on the road seemed endless. She didn’t even know where she was any more. Cities blended into each other. Miles became exponentially longer. Home was just a distant memory. Familiarity resided in the unknown. Everyone was tired, uncomfortable, miserable. "

Favorite visual: "Karen’s voice was an audible lasso, roping everyone to her direction."

Most beautiful visual: " Her energy – her soul – emanated from her, creating an elegant moving sculpture on the stage. Her movements were adroit and effortless. She was the personification of beauty as she danced, twirled and leaped. Every movement from the slightest tilt of her head to the grandest arabesque was exquisite. "

One of many scary moments when you think they won't make it: "She paid no attention to her lonely partner on the other side of the couch."

Saddest moment: Jen finding out she has M.S.

Favorite name: O'Kane

Favorite ending: The entire last page

Great job! Loved the characters. My favorite thing is that they were not tempted by these other women and stayed true to each other.

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