Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love is Blind Blog-A-Thon

I am of mixed race. I don’t necessarily look it, but my heritage includes white, black and indigenous. I grew up in a major metropolis, going to school with children of all races, colors and religions. So, when I began writing my two-set story (Imperfect and Impeccable), I had no idea what I was getting into when I joined a black woman with a white woman.
I have friends in interracial relationships, and I myself have had friends and lovers of all backgrounds and races. The thought of an interracial relationship was (and still is) normal to me. It didn’t faze me. I really didn’t think it was an issue. I just thought I was writing another love story.
Then, the story began to write itself. Suddenly, I was seeing the world through black and white glasses. People were suddenly defined by their skin color, not by their character. It was a very eye-opening experience to write about prejudices that were completely foreign to me. I actually learned a lot by writing this story.
I learned what it was like to see people from a different perspective. I started to see the labels: black, white, gay, straight. Now, I am not justifying the categorization of people. It’s just that some of my characters labeled other people and I wrote words and dialogue that you would never hear me say.
Being the colorblind person I am, I made sure to counter that with words and dialogue that were my own. Words that showed our humanity. Words that expressed acceptance, not just tolerance. Words that would help my prejudiced characters – and potentially even readers – see people for WHO they are rather than WHAT they are.
My tag line is, “stories of love without boundaries.” For me, love knows no gender, no color, no religion. Love is love. It is a connection between two people. It is the connection between their souls, not their skin. When I write, I write stories about people. What they look like has nothing to do with who they are. They are simply people in love.
I love writing about love. And honestly, I love writing about people from all walks of life. I love diversity, I love humanity. I will continue to write stories about people: white, black, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern – you name it! It doesn’t matter to me what my characters or my readers look like because in the end, we are all simply human.

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