Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inspiration and Aspiration

Good Thursday morningm y'all! 'Tis almost the weekend!!!! ;)

So this morning may be a bit of a repeat of an older blog, but it's still gonna be a good one. I promise. :)

Writers teach and inspire each other simply by our work. Different voices, various perspectives all help us to grow and improve our craft. I can list numerous writers that have inspired me and who have helped me to grow and improve as a writer.

There is one, however, who created the highest level to which I aspire. That writer is Grant Nieporte.

Mr. Nieporte wrote a movie which I consider one of the most well written stories ever, Seven Pounds.

Seven Pounds is so original, so beautiful, so powerful. It is cerebral, emotional, cathartic. In my humble opinion, it is the perfect story.

Nieporte met someone who inspired him to write the story. He met someone he called, "one of the saddest people I've ever met in my life". He did not give a name, but he described this person's eyes, their aura, their body language. This person was involved in a horrible accident which left seven people dead.

Nieporte then takes that and uses that as inspiration to write Seven Pounds. What he does is create a new story from this one person's true story. He weaves new characters, new emotions, new actions and a new ending. What he crafted was a true masterpiece.

That's what I want to create. I want to write stories that touch people. I want to craft a story that is realistic, unqiue, beautiful, inspirational, emotional.

I think it's important for all of us to aspire to new things in our various ventures in life. Stagnancy is never a good thing. So, we set goals for ourselves and we work towards them. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we exceed even our own expectations and yes, sometimes we miss the mark. But as long as we move forward, we never truly fail.

This is me continuing to work and write in the hopes that one day I can craft a story that will touch you in the same way Seven Pounds touched me.

Happy reading, everyone!!! :)

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