Thursday, April 19, 2012

On Resolutions

I am not your typical thirty-something-year-old. I grew up watching classic TV shows like I love Lucy, Make Room for Daddy, Mr. Ed, and the like. One of the greatest facets to shows like these were the simplicity of their problems and the always perfect and happy resolutions that came within a half an hour.

There is one I Love Lucy episode where both couples (Lucy & Ricky, Ethel & Fred) are dealing with marital issues. At the end of thirty minutes, both couples are embracing. The women tell their husbands that they would much rather be in a rut with them than on a date with anyone else. How sweet! How romantic! How sadly untrue of real life!

Real life is dirty, grungy, raw, and anything but simple or perfect.

I live in reality, but I am a hopeless romantic. I want my life to have perfect resolutions like that I Love Lucy episode, but most of the time, it sadly hasn't. I'm not bitter, though. Still optimistic that each problem will resolve itself quickly and easily and the scene will end with everyone involved laughing (and maybe we'll even hear appaluse).

As a writer, I need to find a balance between that hopeless romanticism and reality. I hope that my books do just that.

Loving Her demonstrates the ugliness of today's world. Yet, we have couples that are truly dedicated to each other. Couples that truly stay by each other's side in sickness and health, in wealth and poverty, in joy and sorrow. They deal with death, illness, change. They deal with life and live in love.

Unbreakable Hostage deals with a dark reality, but ends in a way that we all hope our traumas will end: with tremendous hope.

Imperfect and Impeccable ride the emotional roller coaster that is life. They show us what true love and dedication are all about. Though the ending may not bring the resolution we had all hoped for, it does still bring us a peace and resolution that we can gladly accept. A resolution that brings us some peace.

My two short stories, Trajectory and Amnesie show us that even in our dark and imperfect world, love is the one thing that brings us comfort and hope.

As much as we want things to always end up rosey,we know that they may not. That doesn't mean that life doesn't have any rosey moments at all. Rather, life is a balance between the good and the bad; between the happiness and sadness. My reality is that balance. I have good days and bad days. I have joyful moments as well as sorrowful ones. As a writer, I use that balance and create new stories reflecting that balance.

So with that, I wish you Happy Reading!!!! ;)

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