Thursday, April 5, 2012

But, do you have anything new to say?

Good Thursday morning all! I apologize for my absence last week. Between the wedding being less than two months away, some medical issues and of course, life, I simply did not have the time to plant myself to write.

But here I am today, ready to go!

Today, I want to discuss repetition.

Is there repition in writing? You betchya! Stories have been told and retold (just look at Hollywood for that!). Even blogs have been blogged and reblogged. Why is that? Why do we repeat ourselves?

Sometimes a story will come along and will greatly resemble another story, but somehow, somewhere, there is a twist - a change, a difference - and then you have two different stories.

Sometimes, a blog will be posted and it will greatly resemble another blog, but somehow, somewhere, there is a twist - a new word, a new opinion - and then you have two different blogs.

In a world where information literally moves at the speed of light, it is impossible not to have repetition and redundancy. It just is. But, what is unique is our voice, our perspective, our opinion. That is what makes each one of us different and special. That is what separates our writing from somebody else's.

So, it may seem like we don't always have anything new to say, but just hang on. That one little twist - that one that can change everything - may not show up until the very end. But that little twist makes each story and blog its own. They are unqiue...and new. So just hang in there. It's worth the read, trust me.

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