Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting Personal With My Readers

Happy Thursday, everyone! :)

If you're my friend on Facebook, you know a lot about me.

You know where I am with my wedding planning.

You know when the pizza has arrived to our house for dinner.

You even know when I have a migraine.

Though this may not seem important or relevent to selling books, I have found that it does in fact help.

You see, you are all involved in my life. I post polls about things relating to my wedding. I post pictures of our puppies. You see that I am human. I am approachable.

Am I a reclusive writer? Absolutely! However, I have also let all of my readers in to my life. And I have shown them that as reclusive as I may be, I am not completely anti-social.

I think it's important for readers to be able to connect with writers. If I want you to read my books, why not let you know the person behind the words.

Would you trust a doctor more if you never met them?

Or would you trust them if they spent time with you, talking with you and working with you?

I would hope it would be the latter.

Personally, I believe the same applies to us writers.

If you see just how much I love my dogs, you might just want to read my stories where pets are an integral part of the story.

If you can relate to my wedding madness, you will more likely be able to relate to my characters who are either like me, or are going through wedding madness of their own.

Do I apologize for posting my personal information? Not really. I have connected with readers from across the country,and even across the globe. I hope that I can (or perhaps I already have) connect(-ed) with you! Come get to know me! You might just want to read my books, too! ;)

Happy reading! :)

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