Thursday, November 10, 2011

Riding the Wave

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today, yours truly is in a particularly good mood. Why? Well, because things on the writing front have been going incredibly well. :)

Most importantly, Impeccable has just come out in print! Excited?! Me?! Never! LOL. I don't know whether to dance or simply wet my pants! It is phenomenal! I am so very excited! Please purchase your copy today!

Also, I will be at the Fairport Holiday Author Book Signing in Fairport, NY on Dec. 3. This is an event to celebrate new releases for 2011. You can come meet me, buy my books and get them signed for yourself, or as a holiday gift! The event will be from 2-4 pm. I'd love to see you there!

I've been getting a lot of recognition from the LGBT community as of late, as well.

It is exciting and flattering to have the LGBT community recognize my work. What's especially exciting is that a lot of this recognition comes from overseas. European book stores, organizations and individuals are suddenly paying attention to little old me.

You have to understand that as much as I like to boast about my work, the truth is: I realize that I am not Pulitzer Prize material. I am not even close to being a NY Times best seller (though I desperately wish I was!) For these people to find me, let alone say & do what they are, blows my mind! It's thrilling. It's an honor, really.

Perhaps with Imperfect and now Impeccable, I am becoming the author I have always dreamed of becoming. Yes, I would love to see my books become best sellers, but to see my work impacting and helping the LGBT community is amazing.

That impact is the reason I write. To see it come to fruition is simply phenomenal. For now, I am simply going to ride this wave! ;)

Happy reading!

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