Thursday, January 20, 2011

Words for a Waning Moon

Hello, everyone. It is Thursday afternoon here in the Tundra. Hopefully it's a bit warmer where you are! ;)

Let's see...there's so much to say, and yet almost nothing to say. Quite a kunundrum, eh?

First off, if for some reason you've missed my blabs, yours truly is getting hitched. Tying the knot, and all that jazz. The Mrs-to-be proposed on December 7, and we have a tentative date of August 25, 2012. Hope you all can make it! ;) Needless to say, my political side has been revved up even more than normal because of this. I have had to hold myself back from writing COUNTLESS political blogs. Things have been said to my face and behind my back. And I'm not one to keep quiet when such things occur. ;) LOL. But, I have been a good girl and watched my words VERY carefully!

In other news, I have submitted Impeccable to my publisher. Insert high-pitched squeal here. I am so excited. I hope she likes it as much as I do! LOL. More over, I hope all of you like it as much as I do. I've been getting incredible feedback from readers about Imperfect, so I really hope you guys like Impeccable just as much! :)

Yours truly is on the hunt for a decent full-time job until I can become the NY Times best-seller I know I will be and Matt Lauer comes to visit us. :) LOL. Until that day comes, if you're hiring, I'm applying! ;)

Also, the Mrs-to-be and I are finalists for something uber-cool! I'll keep y'all posted on it. Just be sure to keep your eyes open for us as our picture may be found all over! ;)

I think that covers all the bases. There will be more, of course. There always is. For now, I hope you all have a great book like Imperfect to read this weekend! If you've read it or are going to read it & you like it, don't forget to show me some love on Amazon, k? ;)

Happy reading, everyone!!!!


Sun Singer said...

Double kudos and congrats - getting hitched and finishing another book.

Yes, the NY Times list is in your future. Until then, I hope you find the job you want with, say, a salary of $10000000000000000 and plenty of vacation time and other benefits.


L. E. Harvey said...

Thanks, Malcolm!!! :) Getting hitched is pretty darn exciting, and so is finishing another book, right? ;)

Thanks for the confidence in me! If I make it to the NYT, you're coming with me! :)

I would LOVE a paycheck like that. Then I wouldn't have to worry so much about putting gas in my 34 year old truck all the time! LOL. :)