Thursday, September 10, 2015

Character of the Week: Linda from The Mechanic/the Loving Her series

Linda Scott wears her heart on her sleeve, and gives you the shirt off her back. She is an amazing character.

Linda comes from a "traditional" family with her parents, Chuck and Melanie, and her brother Jerry.

Linda was always a tomboy, following very closely in her older brother's footsteps. Her parents - Melanie, especially - had hoped for a more "typical" little girl, but they loved Linda nonetheless.

As Linda was growing up, it didn't take her long to realize that she was gay. Scared and confused, she confided in her older brother. Jerry was a good, supportive brother. As time wore on, he felt that she needed to be brave enough to come out to their parents. He'd tease and encourage her day in and day out. Finally, unable to withstand the pressure of the secret, he finally tells the family at dinner. This is where Linda's story begins.

The pain and disappointment of what follows eats Linda at her core. Her relationship with her parents is strained at best. She lives a quiet life, maintaining a good relationship with Jerry.

Throughout the story, we see how much Linda loves '80s music, '80s television shows, etc. Her obsession with all things '80s comes from her childhood. The music and shows remind her of a time when her family loved and accepted her.

For as much as she has been hurt, she is not one to take things lying down. When she is teased in school by the biggest bully, she knocks him down to size. When she is rear ended by a bigot, life gives her the opportunity to retaliate later on. She refuses to be victimized.

Linda maintains a tough exterior. It's the only way she can protect herself from the pain that resides deep in her heart.

When she meets a gal named Donna, she has no idea that she has met a kindred spirit. Later on, Donna approaches Linda, looking for any kind of camaraderie. What ensues is an incredible friendship.

Linda and Donna truly are two peas in a pod. They're both tough and stoic on the outside, but incredibly tender underneath. They share an understanding and respect that run incredibly deep. When either is in trouble, they know the other is there. They become each other's family. Through thick and thin, they are always there for each other.

When Linda sees Katie for the first time, she sees more than a cute little blonde. She sees someone who exudes compassion and understanding. Without even speaking to her, Linda knew that Katie was like no one else she had ever met before.

The more she learned about Katie, the more she realized that true love did exist. That people could fully love and accept her for who she is. Katie brings her a reassurance and a self-confidence Linda never had.

It is that commitment and that confidence that gives Linda the bravery needed to open the door to having a real relationship with her parents yet again.

Linda is strong, solid, fun, gentle, generous, caring, and sensitive. She is a woman of many layers and many emotions. She is real. Her story came from deep within my heart, and it is sure to touch you deeply as well.

Favorite quote from Linda: "What the hell are you? A sasquatch that you need an hour to shave your hairy legs?!"

Happy reading!

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