Saturday, July 18, 2015

More WeWriWa action from The Peace Officer

It's WeWriWa time!

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This post is part of an ongoing blog hop hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors. Every Sunday, participating authors post eight sentences from a published work or even a WIP (work in progress). Then we hop to our fellow warriors’ blogs and check out all the fabulous fiction that’s happening! It's a great way to meet readers, writers, and your next favorite book!  :)

Happy #8SentenceSunday! This month, our WeWriWas will be from The Peace Officer, Brynn's story in the Loving Her series.

Brynn Racanelli is a daughter, a sister, a friend, a partner, a police officer, and so much more. Devoted to serving others through her police work, and to helping her sister who battles chronic Lyme Disease, she is the the poster child of selflessness. But she does have wants, needs, hopes, and dreams. After the sad ending of a long term relationship, she wonders if she will ever be able to get what she wants. Will fate finally bring her the life and love she’s always dreamed of?

Background on the snippet: Brynn is taking a leisurely stroll through the streets of Philadelphia. This is her first encounter with Donna, but she doesn't realize that yet. This snippet has been edited to fit 8 sentences.

As she strolled down the sidewalk, she walked past one of her favorite cafes. The women at one table really caught her eye. A butch woman in a mechanic’s shirt and jeans sat across from a blonde with curly hair. The blonde wasn’t overly feminine either. She had a strong jaw line and stunning blue eyes. She showed off her muscular build in a black tank top and dark blue jeans that hugged her hips and legs in all the right ways. She was…hot. Brynn couldn’t keep her eyes off her.

Hope you liked it!
Happy reading!


Chelle Cordero said...

It's obvious that the blonde caught Brynn's eye... and interest. Nice snippet.

Charmaine Gordon said...

Super description and good writing, Lauren.

Eden "Kymele" Mabee said...

Someone has certainly caught HER attention. :-D

Nancy Gideon said...

Nice impact for such a short scene! Creates a good set up.

Elizabeth Alsobrooks said...

I think I see a romantic interlude in their future!