Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mom's Book Report for The Mechanic

Happy Thursday, everyone!

It's time for...another book report from Mom!

The Mechanic: a book report, by Mom

Best description of a mechanic: "Bob was short, stocky bald man. His dark blue overall suit was tight around his rotund belly."

Beautiful image of a city: "The sky was a jet black blanket with the stars as little shining decorations. A three quarter moon sat like a full, round, content Buddha belly. The Philadelphia skyline was a lighted mountain range, poking in the sky at various heights."

Red Flag: "Like a lion stalking and closing in on it's prey. Brittany inched in closer and closer until Linda backed into the wall."

Lovely compliment #1: "What are you a sasquatch that you need an hour to shave your hairy legs?"

Lovely compliment #2: "So first I use a face cream; Oh, and I have a concealer." "What's that: a paper bag?"

Great car description...even for someone who doesn't love cars: "A dark thunderstorm cloud grey covered most of the car. The hood, roof trunk and wheel wells all boasted this rich, dark intriguing color. A lighter, more misty grey ran the length of the body, covering the lower half of the door. The car's natural curves and chrome accents divided the two shades and enhanced the car's design. White wall tires only continued to enhance the car's appearance. A dusty rose interior completed the perfect, elegant romantic look."

Hope you guys liked this one! :)

Happy reading!!! :)

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